I work to create honest, beautiful and memorable jewellery and art. My creations are meant to stand out and be appreciated.


The main subjects of my painting are half faces and nude women. The woman’s body is beautiful and want to show through my art that a naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is different. You are you, and you are unique. I also paint to express the thoughts and reflections we all have and the idea that none of these should be considered strange. Sometimes, we must shut our minds down, ignore the standards and lenses we’ve learned to consider and simply look with our eyes. All that’s left is a feeling. With my art, my ambition is to evoke a feeling.


I want to create beautiful and honest jewellery that enhances your unique style. The most wonderful quality of jewellery is that it can mean so many different things to you. It can be a gift from a loved one, or the legacy of someone special who has passed. It can be something you give yourself because you deserve it, or a declaration of love for someone you want to share your life with. But no matter what it means to you, your should make you feel beautiful, powerful and happy.

With jewellery, my ambition is to create feeling within every piece I make. I want it to tell not only my story, but to take on and tell your story.

I gradually make new collections that can be interpreted in different ways and inspired by different things, but always with a style that represents myself and my expressions. My jewellery and art will change just as life changes over time, but with great joy, I welcome you to share my life journey through my jewellery and my art.