Sizing my jewellery

This size guide and my care tips will help you choose a piece of jewellery you will love for years to come. With jewellery, it’s important to remember one size does not fit all. When buying jewellery for yourself or as a gift, it’s important to make sure you have the right fit.


Be sure to check the size of each individual ring. They are sized by their inner diameter, which starts at 15mm to 22mm. Some of my rings are not available in all sizes.


17 cm = Small
18 cm = Medium
19 cm = Large


The necklaces are fit for a single size, but you can read the individual dimensions of each necklace on the product pages.


Enter the specific length for any belt you’re interested in purchasing. You can still order a size that isn’t pre-made, but you will not be able to return or exchange it.