The story of a Swedish goldsmith

Born creative

I was born and raised in Västra Torup, a small town in the countryside of Skåne, the southern-most region of Sweden. Even before starting school as a little girl, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to do something creative. I moved through several areas of interest in my studies – civics with a focus on business in gymnasium, music at the London Centre of Contemporary Music, and eventually a goldsmith education at the Technical University of Copenhagen. No matter what it was, I always put the utmost effort into the things that drove me. This way of being continues today: when pursue something I’m passionate about, it’s all full focus or nothing.

Becoming an entrepreneur

By age five, I was already refurbishing my family’s house. Using a ball of yarn as measuring tape and rugs to pull the furniture, I could place things where I wanted and create harmony in each room. Inspired by my grandmother and trips to the Louisiana Art Museum (just north of Copenhagen), painting was also a primary interest, both on glass and canvas. Lending to my discipline and focus, I have trained at karate since age 13, gaining a black belt and winning two bronzes and a gold medal in the Senior Swedish Championship.

Jewellery is something I have created more or less my entire life. I completed my first large jewellery project as my end of the year exam as a senior in high school, making collection our of everyday rubbish, such as notepads and old tubing. And it was also in my senior year of high school I had my first taste of entrepreneurship. Running a business with two classmates, I won you entrepreneur of the year in Helsingborg and was runner-up for all of Sweden.

Owning a business

I’m now at a place in my life I’ve always dreamed of: running my own company. The journey to this place has been wild – a big bag of events, experiences and memories that range from terrible, to tough, to wonderful. It has taken a ton of hard work to get through it all, but the feeling of setting a target and ultimately reaching it is unlike any other. Nothing is impossible, but it requires stubborn persistence and eyes that see solutions where others see problems. Setbacks happen, but choosing to learn from them will make you stronger and more determined. Stay positive and never give up on what you set your heart on, and you’ll eventually find yourself in the place you want to be.

Making my own path

Throughout my life, I have chosen to do what I have a passion for rather than let coincidence decide. When I wanted to study business, I studied business. When I wanted to develop my singing talent, I studied music in Mälmo in order to audition and get into school in London. And, when I wanted to work with jewellery, I of course shifted focus to jewellery.

If you’re not at least a little afraid of your goals and dreams, then you haven’t set them high enough. See the beauty in yourself, in others you meet, and in the process of working towards something you’re passionate about.