In a world where everything fast gets promoted, how can we consciously slow down and be mindful of ourselves and the world we live in?

It’s not easy to stay centered and calm in a world which revolves around quick fixes. 
Our brains are designed to respond with feel good hormones when we get that kick that this fast paced world sends out every second, for example on social media platforms.The fast fashion industry is no exception, with a staggering amount of new lines being produced several times a year, it tries to capitalize on our brain chemistry, that new is always better. But is that really the case? 
We all know that the world’s resources are far from infinite. How about a way where you both can be kind to the earth and yourself, yet still get that good feeling something new often comes with?
The answer is spelled sustainable choices. To carefully select materials that you know will last, to choose recycled, preloved and to reuse or upcycle first hand. To carefully think how you live your life and make sure that you make decisions that align with the life you want to live.   
Second hand heels
Picture: Black heels - Erikshjälpen Helsingborg

Beige jumpsuit - Secondhand söder Helsingborg

Black diamond ring - Malin Ljung Jewellery

Punk Bracelet - Malin Ljung Jewellery 
(available on the webbshop)
How does that sound to you?
Difficult? It doesn’t have to be. The trick is to start small and to build from there. 
It’s a staggering goal to alone take responsibility for how the earth is doing, but you don’t have to. If we all start making these smaller choices in our everyday lives, together we will change the world for the better.
One step at a time.
We at Malin Ljung Jewellery want to help you find inspiration in how you can do just that, take these small steps for the world and for yourself. Here we want to show you what amazing finds and styles you can find in your local thrift store or in secondhand shops online and also how you can combine them with our sustainable recycled jewellery. 
Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring, frumpy or hard to do. It can be an excellent way to get creative and actually spend less money while finding your dream wardrobe. 



Picture: Red skirt and orange bag - Framtid Helsingborg

Stripped shirt and brown shoes - Erikshjälpen Helsingborg

Pink jacket - Investment from Anne Vest

Purple ring - Star ruby 
(available on the webbshop)  

My trick is to mix second hand with exclusive investments.

Just give it a try and let it take some time, good things are worth waiting for.

There are also many services out there nowadays, to help you find those sustainable looks that suits You, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling stuck. And remember, we’re always here if you need some advice to pick out jewellery for you or your loved one. Our aim is always that the jewellery should last for ages and be filled with positivity and love for you, so we take great pride in helping you find just that. 

Malin Ljung Jewellery only work with recycled gold and silver, check out the webbshop to get inspired for your next sustainable investment! Klick here

All our love,
Team Malin Ljung Jewellery
Writer: Ida Neckfors


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