Both fashion and jewelry has long and dark histories of how it’s produced. The glamour and luxury a piece of jewelry expresses and can give you diminishes if you find out that people from all over the world has been treated badly, working under poor conditions for minimum or no pay to produce and deliver that very piece of precious jewels, or fashion item.
Luxury for me is something that is unique. And uniqueness for me is in the craftsmanship. Luxury is also a feeling and to feel good about something includes thinking about the environment, our earth and the people that touches everything we use and what we surround ourselves with. I have therefore chosen to work sustainable, which means that all the gold and silver I buy has been recycled. I think it’s Magical that I can work with recycled materials. I also choose my gemstones and diamonds very carefully. One of the most important pillars of my design is based on that you know where the jewelry has been produced and designed. 
My studio is based on the beautiful island Ven, which is located in the sound between Sweden and Denmark. It is from this island’s nature I gather most of my inspiration for my design. After four years at the Technical University of Copenhagen. I qualified as a goldsmith in 2013. In my workshop is it me and my apprentice. And now I train my apprentice to become a goldsmith as well, so she is going the same education as I have done to becoming a goldsmith. I’m at the right place, I love my work!




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