With both my jewelry and my art I want to create honest, beautiful, memorable jewelry and art. My creations will stand out and attract attention, and not the least be appreciated.


The ambition with my art is to create a feeling. I more than often paint naked women and half faces. Woman is beautiful and I want to prove that a naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all different, nothing is right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, you are you and you are unique! I would also like to express all our thoughts and reflections that we have, that they are not strange or weird. Sometimes we just have to shut all our minds down ignore all standards we might have and just look with our eyes without adding any valuation in what we see. Namely if it has any status is well known and so on. Just go with the feeling do I like this or not?


I want to create beautiful and honest jewelry that enhances you as a person. The great thing with jewelry is that it can do great things with you. It can be a gift from someone who means a lot, it can be a heritage from someone dear that is no longer here, it can be something you give to yourself cause you deserve it, it can be a declaration of love that someone wants to share his/her life with you. But first and foremost it should make you feel beautiful, powerful and happy. It shouldn’t take more than a jewelry, a pair of jeans a t-shirt and a nice pair of shoes for you to be ready to take on the world!

My ambition is to create jewelry with a lot of feeling in every piece I make. I want it to tell a story, not just mine but also give it life to become yours and then move on to tell your life story.

I will gradually make new collections. Collections that are inspired and interpreted by different things in life, but with a style that represent me and my expressions. My jewelry and art will most likely change with time, just like life changes. With great joy I welcome you to share my life journey through my jewelry and my art.