Always keep your jewelry separated from each other tentatively in the supplied case. After usage wipe them preferably with a cloth, to ensure they are free from makeup, skin oils and fumes etcetera.

It is recommended that you take your jewelry off when bathing, washing up, doing gardening or exercising, this is to keep your jewelry in good condition and to avoid them to be worn out.

Try to avoid going to bed with your jewelry on as they are then exposed to unnecessary wear.


Silver jewelry are made of nickel free 925 silver. I have chosen to oxidize some of these jewelleries as I believe it enhances the jewelry. Oxidation is also a natural process in silver itself. If you buy silver jewelry that is light, it will oxidize itself after a while since it reacts to air, human minerals and salts that we excrete etc. If you have light silver jewelry and want to prevent it from oxidisation it can be corrected with silver dip that can be bought from a specialised retailer.


Gold doesn’t oxidize, but sometimes I choose to electrolytic treat jewelry in white gold with a white noble metal, called rhodium. This is to give the jewelry the extra lustre that also enhances the stones. The Rhodium wears off after a while, if needed you can always renew the surface by handing it to a goldsmith for repeated process with rhodium.

Gemstones and Pearls

Every gemstone and pearl is natural and for that reason they vary in colour and shape. This will always ensure that you have unique gems and pearls which is the great charm with handmade jewelry. After usage of pearls, please wipe the off with a damp cloth. Always store them in the supplied case.

Leather, Fabric and Feathers

Jewelry made of material such as leather, fabric, feathers, pearls, wood and more, should always be kept away from water, e.g. bathing and washing up etc. As leather expands and molds with time as you wear it. Water accelerates the changes of these materials.