The goldsmith and artist Malin Ljung

A true entrepreneur was born

I am born and raised in Västra Torup which is on the countryside in Skåne, south of Sweden where I lived with my wonderful family. Before I was seven and about to start school I told my parents that all I wanted to was to finish high school. I already then knew what I wanted to do with my life. I have always been very creative and have had lots of ideas and been very determined about how I wanted things to be. At senior high school I studied civics with focus on business at Procivitas Private Gymnasium in Helsingborg. After I graduated I went to London and studied music at London Centre of Contemporary Music, I then moved on to do a goldsmith education at the Technical University of Copenhagen. I have always put a lot of time and effort in school and things that I do, for me there is nothing in-between, it’s either or in my life.

Running an own business

I am now at a place in my life where I have always dreamed of, to have my own company. The way there has been a wild journey, with a big bag of memories, events and experiences that has been, awful, tough, fantastic but also wonderful. To get through these, it takes a lot of hard work only from you and no one else. The feeling of getting there I have experienced on a few occasions, when you set a target and reach it. Nothing is impossible but it requires you to be stubborn and not to give up, that you see solutions instead of problems. If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. Maybe the incident will give you a scar, but it will also make you stronger and you will learn from it. The most important is to stay positive and to use both your heart and your brain and eventually you will feel good.

Developing the entrepreneurship

Already as a five year old I refurbished the house. With the help of a ball of yarn as measuring tape and rugs to pull the furniture to where I wanted them to be, I could create harmony in the house and keep it my way. My big interest was to paint I started doing this at a very early age together with my grandmother I painted on glass as well as paintings. We were members of Louisiana (Danish Art Museum) we often went there to be inspired and to learn new techniques by studying different artists. Jewellery is something I have created more or less my whole life, I have used all different kinds of material. The first time I made a big jewellery project was as my end of year exam in senior high school. I made a collection of rubbish, such as old chewing gum paper, notepads old tubes etc. I get my discipline and focus partly from karate which I have trained since I was 13, today I have black belt as well as two bronze and one gold from Senior Swedish Championship. I gained my experience as an entrepreneur when I ran a business together with two other students in senior high school. We won the award this year young entrepreneur in Helsingborg and came second best in Sweden 2006.

Choosing my own paths in life

I have during my whole life done what I really want to do and not let coincidence decide. As example I felt after secondary school that I really wanted to develop my singing. I found a school in London I wanted to apply to. To get there I spent a year studying music in Malmö in the evenings and during daytime I worked to earn the money to pay for my time in London. After this I went to the audition – and got in.

If you are not afraid of your dreams and goals, then they are not set high enough, we are all different, seize that and see the beautiful in very human being you meet.